Store your passwords here

Not on your computer!  You know better, right? And not on some scrap of paper that you will surely loose.  Save your password in one of these lovely little credit-card sized journals –  I got a whole bunch of them up on my Etsy page today.

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May 28, 2014 · 3:58 pm

Cotton Gima, what are you?

It’s nice and warm now and so I’m in the mood for some nice, mindless summer knitting. I downloaded some lovely patterns from Coco Knits, and went to get started.

I seen to have a lot on my plate these days, there are a lot of competing interests in my life demanding complicated thinking, I need some truly mindless knitting, so I went with the yarn the pattern called for, Cotton Gima. Continue reading

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Clean out the fridge, warm up the house

We are just done with an impossibly long and brutal winter here in the northeast. So that one last cold day we had last week was too too much. Luckily, I had all the ingredients on hand to warm things up the old fashioned way, make some soup!

It starts with broccoli stalks.

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Boy do I like marbled paper

Everybody does!  Usually it’s the first thing someone will comment on when I show them some of my bindings.  They’ll open the cover and run their hands over the paper and make a comment about how amazing it is.

So, I’ve gotten a tentative order for 30-35 pieces for the lovely iPad cases that I wrote about in my first post.  But it is tentative, and I’m waiting for a confirmation before I order more supplies….except for the marbled paper, I went and ordered that first thing.


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A word or two about sock yarn…

You’re all on the edge of your seat here. A thrilling topic to be sure. Yet, this is what I’m thinking about, cause I just made Chris these socks that turned out awesomely amazing, but here’s the thing….I hated the yarn.

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Hello-! Look at this awesome thing I just made

So, as if I didn’t have enough on plate, I’ve decided to create another blog! (if you want to see my other one, over here) This is going to be all about my crafty & creative side. And while I may be a pretty good cook, bookbinder, knitter, an alright mom, and a mediocre musician, I am a terrible photographer! So bear with me, offer me any tips you might have, and understand that I am trying……

So, now that I got that out of the way, look at this awesome thing that I made!



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