Hello-! Look at this awesome thing I just made

So, as if I didn’t have enough on plate, I’ve decided to create another blog! (if you want to see my other one, over here) This is going to be all about my crafty & creative side. And while I may be a pretty good cook, bookbinder, knitter, an alright mom, and a mediocre musician, I am a terrible photographer! So bear with me, offer me any tips you might have, and understand that I am trying……

So, now that I got that out of the way, look at this awesome thing that I made!



Wouldn’t I look smart reading a book like this on the subway?  You bet, but really….

Tricky, huh?

Tricky, huh?  I’m not being brainy at all!  I’m playing the cat game, and nobody will know.  So long as I remember to turn the sound off.  What do you think? eh?


Here are some views without the ipad in:

IMG_4677[1] IMG_4678[1]


I didn’t make a cutout on the back for the camera, this was hard enough to make as it is. I figured if you wanted to take a photo, you can just take the thing out.  Besides, it would ruin the illusion that I’m reading Shakespeare!


Did I mention this was really hard to make?  It was kinda hard at least, lots of odd measurements – whose idea was it to make an ipad 11/32″ thick??  Can you believe I took into account the thickness of the glue in the construction of this thing??  Ok. so that might just be me being a little obsessive, maybe it really is only 3/8″  and the layer of glue has no thickness, whatever the case, it worked out!



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