Boy do I like marbled paper

Everybody does!  Usually it’s the first thing someone will comment on when I show them some of my bindings.  They’ll open the cover and run their hands over the paper and make a comment about how amazing it is.

So, I’ve gotten a tentative order for 30-35 pieces for the lovely iPad cases that I wrote about in my first post.  But it is tentative, and I’m waiting for a confirmation before I order more supplies….except for the marbled paper, I went and ordered that first thing.



So what’s the allure?  It’s a lot to look at, it’s also nothing to look at, it’s pure ornament, but it’s not a pattern. You get it, it’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle.  Pretty too.

IMG_4802 IMG_4803IMG_4819

It’s a good way of making a surface look interesting, and however busy a marble may be, it’s never cluttered or crowded. In fact it’s the opposite. If you want to clear your mind sometime, just do a google image search of marbled paper. I especially like vintage marbled paper.

One of the best uses for marbled paper– hiding mistakes!  It’s a magic trick, you’re so busy looking at the marble that you don’t notice that a corner is not square, it’s not a true pattern so a smudgy fingerprint looks like it’s part of the image.  It occupies that same space in our aesthetic cannon as say, a distorted guitar sound (also very good at hiding mistakes), it brings some very controlled chaos into a creation that seems just a wee bit to orderly, and in the process, it makes everything a little more human.  So now if you’ll exuse me, I’m gonna go listen to Wolfmother and work on some case bindings.


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