Cotton Gima, what are you?

It’s nice and warm now and so I’m in the mood for some nice, mindless summer knitting. I downloaded some lovely patterns from Coco Knits, and went to get started.

I seen to have a lot on my plate these days, there are a lot of competing interests in my life demanding complicated thinking, I need some truly mindless knitting, so I went with the yarn the pattern called for, Cotton Gima.

This yarn is one of many interesting, enigmatic yarns from Habu Textiles. I’ve used some of their yarns once or twice in the past, and I remember having the feeling before of realizing that I was using a yarn that was a little out of my comfort zone.

So the Gima arrives, you order the yarn by the ounce and it comes all wrapped on a cone, and I knit my swatch.

The yarn is stiff, and tape like, almost like that paper ribbon that’s used to tie up fancy packages sometimes, but much thinner. It’s easy enough to knit with, but still, a little weird. So I blocked the swatch, and it opened up nicely, though it’s still very stiff.


So, not what I expected, maybe I didn’t soak it long enough? Still, Coco Knits Got it to look lovely, I’m sure I can too. I’m plowing ahead, I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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